YouTube’s Birthday Party

Hello beautiful people!
So this past weekend, I was in Los Angeles. What for? VidCon 2010 of course. VidCon 2010 was an epic weekend with a ton of your favorite YouTubers. Basically, it’s this huge convention for online video. It was hosted by Hank and John Green, known as the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to score a ticket before it was SOLD OUT! Sorry for those of you who were unable to make it this year, but just be sure to buy your tickets early for VidCon 2011! It was an amazing experience and I suggest that everyone go next year. I did a bit of vlogging while I was there.

So, I was loving every second of the conference. It was a weekend full of discussions, panels, meetups, concerts, ball pits, pretty much anything you can think of. There was even a live DailyBooth there. They had a little area set up where you could go and take pictures for free. They had props for you and everything. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Any nigahiga fans? I had the pleasure of meeting the #1 most subscribed YouTuber, Ryan Higa. This was something that I really liked about VidCon. Everyone was so nice and it’s crazy to see this people when they are not on your computer screen. Everyone was taking pictures with everyone and nobody was acting like a diva 🙂

Another great YouTuber that I met at VidCon was Michael Buckley, or whatthebuck. This guy is incredible! He was so sweet and my camera was having difficulties, so he had no problem taking picture after picture until it wasn’t blurry. He even talked about VidCon for my VidCon vlog and we had our fun doing a “sexy transition” take.

The lobby was where it was at! I’m pretty sure nobody expected things to be as laid back as they were. After we would leave the main stage, you could find a ton of people just hanging out in the lobby. Had some fun chatting with BrettTheIntern, who is hilarious.

I also spotted another beauty vlogger at VidCon. I love Andrea (AndreasChoice) and she is such a sweetheart. It was great to finally meet her in person. Definitely a down to earth girl from the beauty community.

Dave Days is in the house. Yes, I did enjoy meeting Dave Days. He also played a few songs at the concert during the last night of VidCon. No Miley sightings, but he did play his hit new song, which Miley made a guest appearance in the music video. Lollipop and Love Story were among the other songs that he sang that night.

This is the last time I am going to mention this, because I’m probably annoying you. I was the thumbnail for one of the SHAYTARDS vlogs and that pretty much made my night. I was in the vlog, Cute Babies and Hot Chicks. So was my sister, Bethany. We were able to meet Shay Carl and he is the best. So hilarious! Probably one of the highlights of VidCon. He came to LA with his wife, Katilette, and their new baby, Rocktard.

Random time in the lobby usually ended up being random picture time in the lobby. Me being the lame face that I am, couldn’t think of a funny pose for pictures. I did meet some amazing YouTubers, Matt (oddballmatt), Alex (keeptheheat), and Corey (ApprenticeA). They definitely beat me with the funny poses in this picture, but I bet I could beat them at a smokey eye 😉 VidCon, bringing the different YouTube communities together.

Team Brittan(I/Y) FTW! Yay, I loved meeting Brittani (brittanilouisetaylor) at VidCon. I was going to the Vendor Room, where they had free Monster energy drinks! Of course, where else would I be, right? Who else would be there? Brittani! She was super sweet and I wish I would have known that I would be running into her because we passed by a cupcake shop on the way to the Century Plaza (where VidCon was held). Oh well 🙁 Next time, Brittani!

She could be classified as a beauty guru. She does have videos doing beauty tutorials. Completely kidding, but I still loved them and I told she needs to do more! Of course I’m talking about Lisa (LisaNova). Her videos are hilarious and her personality is no different. She was amazing and fun to talk to, so I’m glad I got the chance to meet her.

I hope you aren’t getting bored. There are still more YouTubers that I met at VidCon that I would love to talk to you guys about. If you want to go get a snack or some coffee first, you can. I won’t be mad. I’ll wait for you 🙂 Okay.. are you ready? Because Kassem G is a busy man! Yes, I met Kassem as he was on his way upstairs. He was super funny, as expected. If you aren’t in Venice for his “California On” tapings, then you need to come to VidCon so that you can laugh with this guy!

Hey hey! You can ask iJ! You really can. At VidCon 2010, there was a live Ask iJ. Plus, you could pretty much ask her anything if you spotted her running around the hotel. She was everywhere! I met her at the concert and had such a great time talking to her. She is incredible and yet another reason to go to this crazy awesome conference.

I watched Charlie take off his pants! Kidding.. well, kinda. Charlie (charlieissocoollike) was at VidCon and asked his viewers to send him questions for while he was on stage. Well, someone asked if he would take off his pants. He did, only to reveal even skinnier jeans underneath his pants. Adorable and funny, Charlie was a hit at VidCon and I loved meeting him, and hearing his accent.

If you weren’t at VidCon, but you heard screaming, this guy was probably the reason why. Shane Dawson was at VidCon. Everyone went crazy for him! I had the chance to meet him and he was wonderful. He told me that I smelled like a professional cookie, which was a little weird, but totally Shane. I’m not sure how long the line was for his meetup or how long it took, but he is totally worth it. Loves him <3

And the last picture for y’all. The Station. These crazy people are hilarious and I loved getting to meet them all. So many great YouTubers on one channel. Shay (shaycarl), Rawn (hiimrawn), Lisa (lisanova), Kassem (kassemg) Timothy (timothydelaghetto), Ceciley (ceciley), and Derek (whatadayderek) were all so much fun and were easy to talk to. Rawn’s performance of Eenie Meenie Bikini was OUTSTANDING! If you have the chance to meet The Station, do it! I’m sure they will all be at VidCon next year, so now you have another reason to come!

So, meeting everyone was definitely a great part of VidCon 2010. The fact that everyone came together for one weekend was so amazing. I’m for sure going next year. This one was a blast and it can only get better. I had the best time and cannot wait until the next one. The only question is, will I be meeting you there?

Please say yes 🙂


  1. Woah! One of your friends look so much like Shane from ‘The walking dead’. It seems to be a great party to me. I also want to book a venue NYC this time for my birthday celebration. All my friends are coming from faraway places and I am very excited to meet all of them.

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