Rihanna x MAC Collaboration, Round 2!

So, if you are like me, you are counting down the days until the release of the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. I was lucky enough to get one (okay, two) of RiRi Woo when it was released. The demand was CRAZY! Never have I sat in an online waiting room for a lipstick, but hey, I got it and it was more than worth it. For those of you who missed it (it sold out in a matter of hours), it will be released again along with the rest of this collection on June 18. YES, three days away!

Along with RiRi Woo (pictured above, a matte cool red), two other lipsticks will be released. One is RiRi Boy (pictured below, which is a matte vivid lavender). I have yet to decide whether I will try to get all three lipsticks or just another RiRi Woo and one other. I don’t think I currently own anything like RiRi Boy, so it could likely be a new favorite. All of these lipsticks are also a retro matte finish, which has easily become an obsession of mine!

The third lipstick, Heaux (pictured below, described as a matte berry), is another amazing color. I think this could easily be a summer staple. I have heard that it will be similar to MAC Rebel, but I don’t have that color, so that won’t really matter to me. These colors are all gorgeous, so I might just have to splurge and get the whole collection!

Next is a product that I have been dying to get my hands on since I first found the picture, which is Hibiscus Kiss! Pictured below, this powder blush duo looks incredible! A cool coral blush with a matte neutral bronze, this is a compact that I will definitely want to be carrying with me all summer! I used my NARS Laguna/Orgasm duo religiously, so this looks like my newest BFF!

Finally, the last product in the collection is Barbados Girl (pictured below). At first, I wasn’t too worried about picking up these lustre drops, but now I am thinking otherwise. Described as a rose gold bronzer, these drops look gorgeous and I am a grl that is big on shimmer.. and I love rose gold! This collection has got my attention and if the rest of the products are anything like RiRi Woo, I know that this collection will not disappoint!

So, what are your thoughts? Any products that are must-haves? Which products will you be passing on? I am still on the fence! I want them all, but we aren’t shopping at the dollar store here! Plus, my luck, another amazing collection will come out a week later and I’ll be broke! Until next time, my loves <3 br="">
XOXO Briddy Nicole


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