Portuguese Lessons with Brittany

Somebody is slacking! That would be me.. So I figured I’d post a little randomness on this blog. If you don’t like random, then you probably won’t enjoy this post. My bad.

Here are a few phrases that you will probably never need to say in Portuguese. If you do use them though, let me know. I feel like if you ever need to use any one of these phrases, you must have been in an epic situation 🙂

Siento muito, mas deixei meu pinguim no banheiro.
Translation: I’m sorry, but I left my penguin in the bathroom.

Você por favor pode mostrar me a maneira a Narnia?
Translation: Can you please show me the way to Narnia?

Essa sandes de manteiga de amendoim somente disse meu nome.
Translation: That peanut butter sandwich just said my name.

Eu realmente fiz meu dever de casa. Meu batom comeu-o.
Translation: I actually did my homework. My lipstick ate it.

Bretanha ensinou-me como dizer coisas bizarras e casuais em português.
Translation: Brittany taught me how to say weird and random things in Portuguese.

You will probably never use these. If you do, I want to know about it!
XOXO Brittany Nicole

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