Mmm.. donuts, #MACandMarge!

As odd as is it, I am beyond excited for this collection to come out!
Of course I will be getting donuts to celebrate as well 🙂
The MAC x Marge (The Simpsons) collection will be released online August 28 and in stores September 4. This collection includes lip glosses, eye shadow palettes, blushes, nail stickers, and even some false eyelashes similar to the style made famous by Marge herself!

So far, my favorite products out of the collection are the nail stickers, Pink Sprinkles blush (satin finish), Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy lip gloss (I’m still unsure about the yellow and orange, but I’m sure I’ll give them a shot), the false lashes (I just have to try them on!), and both eye shadow palettes – Marge’s Extra Ingredients (blues and purples) and That Trillion Dollar Look (yellow and green, love the name).

Let me know what products you are looking forward to!
☮❀ Stay sweet like sprinkles ❀☮

xoxo Briddy Nicole ☪


  1. My wife and I were at the San Diego event yesterday and we picked up the full collection.. More information can now be found on this video at #macandmarge #mac #margeandmac #makeup #simpsons #thesimpsons #macmakeup #maccosmetics #collection #alovetart #youtube #sdcc #comiccon #comicon #comiccon2014 #macgaslamp

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