i’m so dunn.. but not really

It’s the little things that make me happy, in this case.. a large collection of little things. To be honest, I have had a tiny bit of a cup addiction for a while. I save up my Starbucks rewards pretty quickly, so I end up with a new cup or two every month. That wasn’t too bad, until Marshall’s came to town. I had no idea what I was getting into when I purchased my first Rae Dunn mug, but here we are.. I am in Facebook groups for “Dunn Hunters,” I check the new arrivals section of T.J.Maxx’s website way more than I should. What is this? Like what is life right now.. is this what being an adult is? 
   Call me basic, call me the stereotypical suburban mom, call me Brittany. Whatever it is, I am obsessed. I have to tell myself that my cabinets are full and I am running out of storage, but I always end up finding something I cannot pass up! I know that this is a problem, but this is my YOLO, okay? When it comes to Rae Dunn, I just love how simple and functional everything is. I love that there are basics, as well as seasonal pieces. It literally goes with everything in my house effortlessly. Did I also mention that these pieces are all super high quality? Because they are and when I first picked up a mug, I was impressed. I see what the hype is about. I understand you all so much now. I have honestly started getting rid of all of my plain mugs and have switched them out with these. I keep going back and forth with wanting to do the same with my plates and bowls, her dinner plates are adorable (with words like EAT and YUM on them, yes please)! This is my weakness. When I love something, I LOVE it. Like I continuously have to remind myself that I am not Ariana Grande and can’t live 7 Rings style (sometimes). Every now and then, it is okay to “treat yo self” and trust me.. I do.

Of course it is not all sunshine and rainbows, so this is the part that has definitely made it easier to check out the home decor at Hobby Lobby instead and it has nothing to do with the insane amount of money that I find myself spending on mugs and canister. After “hunting” for a few months, I have realized that I love Rae Dunn, but it is not worth the craziness that comes along with it. I have slowed down on my trips to Marshall’s because there are some CRAZIES! I have had grown women push me with their carts.. like no joke, a girl sliced the back of my ankle with her cart because I was “in her way.” These girls will laugh as they clear the shelves.. ladies, it is just pottery. Being petty over pottery is not cute. I understand Rae Dunn is popular right now and her stuff is adorable, trust me, I do. I catch myself buying pieces that I know I do not need.. but I “need.” I feel you, but some of you need to remember that it’s just a mug and not your one way ticket to become a millionaire. These women will buy out every piece and (attempt to) sell it online for triple the price, like it’s Tickle Me Elmo all over again. “Don’t hate on my hustle, haven’t you ever heard of supply and demand.” Please, just don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person and your mugs will all break in the car on the ride home (at some point, if karma exists).

I still love Rae Dunn and I still plan on buying pieces here and there when I find them in store or online, but I have tried to also remind myself that my entire house does not need to be a Rae Dunn display. I think that her pieces are also great for giving as gifts, so I can allow myself to browse every so often. I found two mugs that I thought went perfect with Marin’s class project that was auctioned off, the yellow inside of the mug went perfectly with her school colors and I thought that SHINE was a perfect word for her class. These are the things that make me happy, which is why I love and will continue to love my mug collection. Like I said, it is the little things that bring me happiness and this is it. Marin loves Rae Dunn too, which made our mugs the perfect pieces for us to include in her class project. To be honest, I would love to be able to make my own Rae Dunn style pottery, so maybe that is something I can try at some point. Not anything crazy, just a mug or two for myself.

On that note, I am off to work. School is back in session, both my “work” school and my “school” school.. so I am “dunn.” My brain isn’t ready, so I know that was not funny and possibly did not even make sense, but we will work on it. I am working out a blog/vlog/everything schedule, my new 2020 planner will be ordered today (late). Again, working on it!
xoxo Briddy Nicole ♕ 

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