I’m On The Prowl?

So as I was getting ready for bed, I realized that there were a few things on my mind. This is something that has been stealing my attention for quite some time now. I need to find some new products. There are a few different things that I’m wanting, so I’ve decided that I am on the hunt to find my new favorites.

Here’s the list of what I’m going to be looking for:

1) Mascara
2) Lip plumper
3) Liquid eyeliner
4) Makeup Brushes
5) Bronzer
6) Eyeshadow combo

So for these things, I’m going to be going around and finding a variety of different products for each item I’m looking for. Hopefully, I do this soon. I’m thinking about doing a video for each one, showing the different products, with a variety of prices and such, and deciding which product I prefer. Sound like a plan? I think so!

XOXO Brittany Nicole


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