I Just Wanna Be A Toys”R”Us Kid!

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If it’s one thing I hate about being an adult, it’s that EVERY adult problem that you can possibly have always decides to show up on the same day. You have a problem with someone that you have to deal with regardless, they pick today to be extremely annoying and in your face. You need to be productive, yet your toddler decides that this is the week that nobody should sleep. Your dog forgets about being potty trained. You have packages that need to be signed for? You wait all day, but the second you go to the store because you are out of toilet paper.. there’s the UPS man at your door leaving a slip. Oh, and did I mention, it’s that time of the month? Because it is. You’re welcome.
I feel a spa day coming in my near future. I’ve already made hair appointments, which I’m extremely excited about. I think these next few weeks will need a little more me time scheduled in. I think that is a big necessity in making “being an adult” work. You need to remember that you are still human and need to take some time to yourself, pencil in a pause button..
My advice to everyone is to just hit that mental “pause button” every once in a while. Relax, do something for you. From a hair/nail appointment to a mini Netflix binge, do something that makes you happy and doesn’t involve the stress of the daily grind. Recently, I haven’t been doing that and I can definitely feel it. I’m working on getting my schedule back on track and everything back in order, so I will be sure to allow myself a little more ME time.
In other news, one of those missed packages was my new camera. As soon as I get it and get everything set up, videos will be back and some better blog posts (I want to include more pictures in my posts, let me know what you think). I have missed the interaction, so I’m super excited for this. 2015 is turning into a great year, even if I have to be an adult sometimes 😉
☮❀ Don’t grow up, it’s a trap ❀☮

xoxo Briddy Nicole ☪


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