Giveaway Winners & Win Tickets to Generation Beauty 2013!

Hello gorgeous girls (and guys),

So after being gone for a very long time, I am here to announce the winners of the Great and Powerful Giveaway!

The YouTube winner: hannahjaramillo18
The Twitter winner: flawlesshippo
The Instagram winner: lindseymaloney11
The Facebook winner: Bekah Lundquist

Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone for entering. I loved reading all of your submissions and look forward to another fun contest like this soon. Now, to talk about the second half of the title. I am giving away two tickets to Generation Beauty 2013!

Generation Beauty is this weekend in Los Angeles and I am so excited to be going. There will be so many people from the beauty community and industry there, so it is sure to be a fun experience. I have two tickets that I will be giving away, so be sure to leave me a comment, tweet me, find some way to contact me and let me know why you want to go to Generation Beauty this year! There will be some great girls and great companies there, plus everyone gets a goodie bag filled with great products from some of the sponsors!

So as you can imagine, I am so excited to go and I hope to see you all there! It is going to be so much fun and I am excited to show Marin the city of Los Angeles.

XOXO Briddy Nicole


  1. Briddy I would love to go to Generation beauty, it would mean so much to me, I love everything about beauty with all my heart, please have me in mind, love you so much! xoxo Hannah

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