Earbuds For All! JLab #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100

I am living my best life with my newest tech find! I am someone that absolutely hates wires. I dread when I have to use my headphones because the wires are not my friends. I also hate those “wireless” headphones that die on you after an hour. Another thing I am not a fan of, a scary price tag. Welcome the JLab #1 True Wireless Earbuds, available in three different models – ALL UNDER $100. Yes, under $100. Excuse me while I buy everyone a pair for their stocking.
The first model I want to talk about is my current go-to, the JBuds Air Icon. They are super easy to connect, turning on automatically when you pull them out of the charging case. Yes, these headphones (all three models) come complete with charging cases! The headphones feature touch sensors to control everything from music to phone calls, it’s seriously amazing technology. I love how easy these are to carry along and the fact that they are not bulky is a huge bonus for me.
Next up are the JBuds AirSport True Wireless headphones and these are my husband’s absolute favorite. These headphones are “sweatproof,” holding up against sweat and dirt. His technology definitely needs to be able to handle work and the outdoors, so these are perfect for him. The ear hook is also a great feature for him, keeping the headphones secure at all times. As someone who is always losing everything, it’s nice to know that his headphones will not be next! As if that wasn’t enough, the charging case adds an extra 34+ hours of life to the headphones – YES PLEASE!
For the “grand finale,” we have the JBuds Air Executive headphones.. super fancy, right? These are described as the best for business and travel. The upgraded dual microphones make these headphones ideal for those important business calls (or calls to your mom). The included Cloud Foam Eartips mold perfectly in place, making sure that comfort is a high priority. As someone who avoided earbuds for the longest time because of how uncomfortable they were, I am loving this feature!
Each model has features that make it an excellent option for whatever your needs are. With that price tag, you could honestly buy all three! If you aren’t sure which to go with, just know that all three offer these same amazing features:
  • Great playtime – battery life starting at 24 hours
  • Features for every lifestyle (sport fit, dual microphones for talking, etc)
  • Integrated cable for charging
The #1 True Wireless Earbud under $100* (JBuds Air) now features three new models to give you true wireless earbuds that deliver on sound, quality and comfort. Meet the new squad from JLab Audio, perfect fit for any lifestyle. There’s the new sport-inspired JBuds Air Sport, business-inspired JBuds Air Executive, and the JBuds Air Icon, an upgraded everyday option. There’s something for everyone to #FINDYOURGO.
Check out the JLab True Wireless Headphones at Best Buy: https://bby.me/24zf7
xoxo Briddy Nicole ♕
Thank you to JLab and Best Buy for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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