Another Update.. Of Course!

Hello all of you beautiful people!

In case you haven’t noticed, I uploaded a new video! Be sure to check it out above if you haven’t already watched it on my channel.. or watch it again if you want to see little Marin Mae again 🙂

I made this video to update you all on everything that has been going on with me, but being sick, I forgot half of what I had planned to talk about in the video. That was a main thing that I wanted to let everyone know though.. I am not avoiding making videos and blogging, my family just got sick all at once and believe me, it is no fun being sick and trying to take care of a sick baby.

I did mention the weekly Q&A videos that I plan on starting next week. I am still figuring out the exact scheduling of the video and any/all questions can be submitted to the video, my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page. I am also going to start blogging more on here, not just about videos that I post, so be sure to send in any blog post requests or ideas!

I hope to get better soon and I want to thank all of you for your support and love!

XOXO Briddy Nicole


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